Which Air Conditioning System is Best for You?

The best brand of air conditioner for your home depends on your preferences, budget, and home design. We consider Lennox to be one of the top AC brands due to its high SEER ratings & smart home capabilities.

Which Air Conditioning System is Best for You?

The best brand of air conditioner for your home depends on your preferences, budget, and home design. We consider Lennox to be one of the top air conditioning brands due to its high SEER ratings, smart home capabilities, and SunSource technology. However, Carrier offers smarter cooling options and York makes some of the most durable and quietest air conditioners. To calculate expected reliability, we used data from our survey to estimate the likelihood that a system will break down or stop cooling a home sufficiently by the end of the eighth year.

Only two brands of conventional air conditioning systems, Armstrong and Ducane, earned an excellent reliability rating. Five brands received a very good rating and eleven brands, including Fujitsu, obtained a mid-level rating. Unlike manufacturer and labor warranties, the best home warranties cover the cost of repairing the air conditioner in the event of a breakdown due to normal wear and tear. The British Thermal Unit (BTU) measures the amount of energy that the air conditioning system uses to remove heat from your home in one hour.

Goodman began manufacturing flexible air ducts in 1975, and seven years later expanded to air conditioners.


air conditioning units are another of the best air conditioning brands that don't get as much love as they should. If you're looking for an affordable air conditioner that produces minimal noise and has a good SEER rating, Frigidaire is a good choice. While most air conditioners require the installation of a set of expandable side panels and the tenuous balance of the unit on the window sill while you open the window to try to secure it in place, the Windmill comes in a nicely designed box with an integrated frame that allows you to do all the hard work for you.

Each of Amana's air conditioners has a high SEER rating, and some of the most efficient units on the market have a SEER rating of up to 24.5.


central air conditioners are considered a premium brand that offers excellent air conditioners, heat pumps and gas ovens. In addition, Amana offers a wide selection of indoor air products through its sister company, CleanComfort. Compared to other air conditioners we've tested, this one provides more impressive cooling consistency throughout the room. Also known as wall air conditioners or wall air conditioners, these units work with almost any existing wall cover (the technical term for the metal box that protrudes from the wall).

American Standard air conditioners are one of the best central air conditioning brands in the industry. We researched dozens of HVAC brands to determine which ones offer the best air conditioners, heat pumps, ovens, and other heating, ventilation, and air conditioning products. Best of all, LG air conditioners pass the minimum ENERGY STAR certification, so you get high-efficiency single-room air conditioning. Instead, they adjust the speed of the air controller to fit your home's cooling needs, which results in greater comfort, lower humidity, greater efficiency, and quieter performance.

Unfortunately, this also means that you can't direct the cold air somewhere; instead it is shot into the room and then deposited on the other side. With so many options available on today's market it can be difficult to decide which type of system is best for your home. To help you make an informed decision about which type of system is right for you we have compiled this guide on some of the best brands available.

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